Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Nine Players on 091916 Monday - Quick Tournament Starts Oct 3, 2016

Chess is fun for everyone!
We had eight regular players and one new one show up this Monday.

LCCC welcomes Eric S to the club! He got in quite a few casual games this evening.

The next event on the agenda at LCCC will be a Quick Tournament. This means the rounds will have a time limit for each player of 10 to 15 minutes, with a 5 second delay for the clocks that can do that.

We will probably play two rounds a night, so this tournament will go quickly. We will play the tournament on every other Monday - starting October 3rd, 2016. First round will start as close to 6:30pm as possible.

Please join the tournament by preregistering next Monday at the club or by email. Or, get to the club at 6pm and let our tournament director you want into this fun event. As usual, the event is free!

Now another win by the Michigan Class C Champion and LCCC member - Gene McClure. Notes by Gene!

Kung (1700) - McClure (1578)
1. e4      c5
2. Nf3      Nc6
3. d4      cxd4
4. Nxd4      Nf6
5. Nc3       d6
6. Bc4     e6
7. Be3     a6
8. Qd2    Be7
9. Bb3     ........
Rybka prefer this Bishop on e2.

9. .......       O-O
10. O-O     Na5!   Game even
11. f4       Ng4
I seized the chance to gain the bishop pair.

12. f5      Nxe3
13. Qxe3      Nxb3
14. axb3       Qb6?!
This move is not as strong as it seemed here. Rybka prefers Bd7 first.

15. Qf2        Bf6
16. Nde2      Qxf2+
17. Rxf2       b5
18. Rd1?!      .........
Rybka gives 18. Nxb5! which White said after the game he considered. (-.6)

18. .......        Rd8
19. Nf4        exf5
20. Rfd2?!      ........
Rybka wanted either one of White's knights on d5 (-1.1).

20. .......        Bb7?
Rybka says fxe4, then if 21. Rxd6, then ....Bb7 (-1.8) - a pawn and position.
Position after Black played 20. ......Bb7?

21. Nfd5       Bg5
22. Re2        f4
23. Rf1        b4?!
Trying to set up a skewer of White's rooks.

24. Nxb4       a5
25. Nbd5?     ........
To prevent the skewer, Nd3 was required (-.8).

25. ........        Ba6
26. Nxf4        Bxe2
27. Nfxe2       Be3+
28. Kh1        Rac8
29. g3         Bc5
30. Nd5       Re8
31. Nec3       Re5
32. Kg2       Rf8
33. Ra1       Bb4
34. g4       Rg5?
Rybka gives 34.....Bxc3 or h5 (-.9). It was probably better to leave my Rook pressuring White's e-pawn. [Now (+.2) says Igor3000]

35. Kf3      h5
36. h3       hxg4+
37. hxg4     Re8?
Rybka said I needed the rook back on e5 (even). Instead (+.8).

38. Rd1?    ........
(-.3) Back and forth. If 38. Nb5, f6 39. Nbc7, Rb8 40. c3, Bc5 41. Rxa5, Rxb3 42. Rb5, Rxb5 43. Nxb5 (+1.5) - White passed b-pawn.

38. .......        Rg6
39. Nf4?       Rh6!
White was now in time pressure and it appears mental fatigue set in. [-.5 according to Igor3000].

40. Kg3?       ........
This loses the e-pawn. 40. Ncd5 holding on. Instead (-1.8)

40. ......          Bxc3
41. bxc3        Rxe4
42. Rd5?       Rxe3+

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