Monday, September 5, 2016

Michigan Open 2016 This Weekend in Livonia - at the Marriott

Michigan Open action - Gene M in the center in the green shirt.
Labor Day weekend is a BIG weekend. Normally the last big summer weekend of the year. Thoughts and plans return to the grind of work and school - with no vacations to look forward to. And no one is thinking about Thanksgiving - - - -  yet.

But the long weekend allows for a BIG chess tournament (7 rounds!) - with longer time limits for the game and with at least some break/meal times in between rounds. For those not familiar with the 'grind' of one or two day tournaments, a tournament like the Michigan Open seems almost humane to the players.

But, there are different schedules you can play also. You can opt for the 4-day, 3 day or the all too familiar 2-day format, with all the groups merging on Day 4.

Eight LCCC players were there.
Gene M
John R
Emily K
Pat K
Mike N
Nick D
Paul M
Tom H
White to move and take over the game!

It was great to see the high turnout of youngsters (ages 7 thru teens) at the event. Emily K was one fo them - and can they play some great chess!

Your humble scribe will post the results and some games as soon as they are available.

Until then, here is a puzzle for your enjoyment.

GM Judith Polgar with White vs GM Viswanathan Anand with Black. Anand is only the former world champion, but Judith played well this day.

White to move and get the advantage - and later win.

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