Thursday, September 15, 2016

Gene McClure Wins at the Michigan Open 2016

Gene McClure (left) playing James Karakos
LCCC had seven players play in the Labor Day Michigan Open this year. We also had three former club members in attendance also - Emily and Pat K and Eric Wright - president of the Ann Arbor Chess Club.

Our contingent was:
James K - 3-0-4
Tom H - 2-2-3
Mike N - 2-2-3
Nick D - 2-4-1
John R - 1-2-4
Paul M - 0-2-5
and also the winner of the Class C Division for the State of Michigan - Gene McClure!

Gene finished with a score of 5-1-1 - for SECOND in the overall Reserve Section Tournament and FIRST in the C Division. Congratulations Gene!

LCCC seems to have a lock on this division - in both the Michigan Open and the Michigan Class Championships. Just take a look at our Hall of Fame!

Here is one of Gene's games from the Open. Gene's comments - no brackets. Igor3000 in [  ].

McClure vs Evans
1. e4      c5
2. c3      d6
3. d4      cxd4
4. cxd4     e6
5. Nf3     Bd7
6. Nc3      Be7
7. Bd3      h6?!
8. O-O      Nf6
9. h3      O-O
10. Be3      Nc6
11. a3      Rc8

Position after move 11. White to move.

12. Bc2     Na5
13. Qd3      Nc4!
The correct move order for White was 13. e5 and 14. Qd3. Black took 25 minutes before making this last move.

14. e5 ?!    ........
The move 14. Bc1 prevents 14. Nxb2, but neither player saw this move at the time.

14.  .......    Nxc3?
[Black forgets about the h7 mate threat once his knight is threatened or taken.(-3.5)]

15. fxe3?!     dxe5
[+2.9 - but the better line for White was 15. exf6, Nxc2 (to prevent mate) 16. fxe7, Qxe7 17. Qxc2 (+3.5)]

16. dxe5      Rxc3??
and Black resigns ten moves later.
[ (+5) 16. ....  g6 would at least gives some hope.]

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