Thursday, May 19, 2016

Vince Valente - LCCC Club Champion for 2016!

Congratulations to Vince Valente - the 2016 LCCC Club Champion!

Vince went 5 - 0 as no one could stop him. Vince used his solid style with a touch of sneaky tactics to win his games. Nice job Vince.

The next event for the Club is a Speed (5 minute) tournament on Monday, June 6.  The tournament will start at 6:30 pm, so get there at 6pm to sign up! The plan is for 4 rounds - but each round will consist of two games against each opponent - one with White and one with Black.

If you win both games or win and draw - you get a win for the match.
If you win one and lose one - you get a draw for the match.

Eight games played in the same evening! A lot of chess in a short period of time. Be sure to be here June 6th for the fun event.

Casual chess is on tap for May 23, and of course we will be closed on Memorial Day.

Here is a game between two GM's - Kacheishvili vs Wang, Dubai Open 2005. Computer - [Igor3000] comments are in brackets.

1. d4      d5
2. c4      c6
3. Nf3     Nf6
4. Nc3     dxc4
5. a4        Bf5
6. Ne5     Nbd7
The old fashion way to play the Slav Defense. Not everybody has the nerves to enter the sharp line 6. ...e6 7. f3, Bb4 8. e4, Bxe4 9. fxe4 Nxe4 that remains unsolved.
[Igor3000 says White has a (+.4) advantage with proper play, but mind fields lurk.]

7. Nxc4      Qc7
8. g3       e5
9. dxe5     Nxe5
10. Bf4     Nfd7
11. Bg2      f6
12. O-O      Nc5!?
Position after Black's move 12. ......Nc5!?
A move embraced by the Russian GM Alexander Morozevich, stressing active piece play.
[+.5 for White]

13. Ne3     Bg6
14. b4       Ne6
The aggressive 14. ....Rd8 is refuted with 15. Ned5!, cxd5 16. bxc5 with White's advantage. [Igor agrees as this line gives White a (+.8) advantage.]

15. b5     Rd8
16. Qc1     .........
Black should not have problems with this passive move. Trying to invade Black's position via the b-file with 16. Qb3!?, Bf7 17. Bxe5, fxe5 18. bxc6, bxc6 19. Rab1, Nd4 20. Qb7 is more critical. [+.25 for White].

16. ......       Bc5
More aggressive than 16. ......Be7.

17. bxc6      ........
Not much can be gained by 17. a5, O-O 18. a6, b6! 19. Bxe5, Qxe5 20. Bxc6, because after 20. ....Nd4, the activity of Black's pieces easily compensates the small material loss. [Igor3000 agrees with this note as Black up (-.8) in this line.

17. ......       bxc6
18. Bxe5     ........
Scattering Black's pawns, White also gets the e4 square, but in this line, the activity of Black's pieces makes up for his discrepancies. [(+.2) for White - basically even]

18. .....      fxe5
19. Ne4    Be7!
The bishop controls many dark squares in White's camp.

20. Nc4       Nd4
21. Ra2       O-O
22. Kh1       Kh8
23. e3!?       Nf3
24. Ncd2     Qd7!
After Black's move 24. ....Qd7!
After 25. Bxf3, Rxf3! 26. Nxf3, Bxe4 and Black wins.

25. Qa1      Qe6
26. Nc5?     .......
White should have tried 26. Nxf3!?, Bxe4 27. Qxe5, Qd5 28. Qxe7, Bxf3 29. Bxf3, Qxa2 30. Bxc6, Qc2 31. Bd5 (on 31. Bb5 comes 31. ....a6!), Qxa4 32. e4 with some fighting chances for the exchange. [In this line, Black is up (-.7). But the text move is actually BETTER as Black is up only (-.4)]

26. .....        Bxc5
27. Nxf3     Be4!
This spells trouble for White on the long diagonal h1-a8.

28. Ne1?     .......
A sad retreat. [Also the 5th best move (-1.3)] But after 28. Nxe5 [2nd best move], Bxg2? 29. Kxg2, Bd6, the knight cannot go back because of 30. Nf3, Qe4 31. Qd1, Bxg3 32. Qe2, Bc7 and Black wins[(-.8)].

And on 30. f4 comes .....Bxe5 31. fxe5, Qd5+ 32. e4, Qxe4+ 33. Kh3, Rxf1 34. Qxf1, Qxe5 and Black is a pawn up and the White king is exposed.

Grabbing the pawn with 28. Qxe5 [not even in the top five moves under consideration by me] leads to .....Qc4! 29. Raa1, Rd5 and a winning position for Black.

[The best response for White was 28. Ng5, Bxg2 29. Kxg2, Qf5 30. Qc3, Be7 31. h4, h6 32. Nh3, c5 33. Rb2, Qe6 and Black is up only (-.3)]

28. ......        Bd5
29. Bxd5    Qxd5+
30. Kg1      Bxe3!
Punctuating the attack with a piece sacrifice that helps Black in hunting down the White king.
[31. Re2 keeps the game from getting completely away from White at (-1.3)]

31. fxe3?     Rxf1+
32. Kxf1      Qh1+
33. Ke2       e4!
Closing the net on the White king.

34. Kf2      Qxh2+
35. Ng2      Rf8+
36. Ke1      Qxg3+
37. Kd2      Qxg2+
38. Kc3      Qg5
White resigns

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