Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Round 4 - 2016 LCCC Club Championship

We had thirteen players make an appearance this cool spring evening. Casual chess was played in addition to the 4th round of our Club Championship.

The winners were:
Vince V and Mike N

Drawing their games were Don J with Ken T and Dave K with John R.

One 4th round match remains with Gene M and Luke S to square off next Monday at 7pm.

The club will be open at 6pm for open chess. Stop by and get your chess on or watch the Tournament action.

Now for a  casual game played at the club. The moral of this game is that sometimes just playing chess fundamentals sets you up for a win.

1. e4      e6
2. d4      d5
3. ed      ed
4. Bd3     Nf6
5. Bg5     h6
6. Bh4     Nc6
Position after Black's 6. ......Nc6
Black is already ahead slightly due to all the forced move targets White has presented - such as the d-pawn, both White bishops, and a possible pinned knight at f3 to the queen. (-.2)

7. c3      Be7
8. Nf3      O-O
The computer Grandmaster Igor3000 liked 8. Nh5 here, but we are not grandmasters. Leaving a knight on the rim and unprotected is generally not a good idea for us mere mortals. Castling here was not the 'best' move, but certainly not unwise or bad.
9. Nbd2     Re1
Another development move by Black. With no real plan in mind, Black prepares his army for battle.

10. O-O      Ne4
11. Bxe7     Rxe7
12. Qc2       f5
13. Rfe1      Qe8?!
Igor liked 13......Qd6 better because of White's possible 14. Bb5. (+.6) for White.

14. c4?        Nb4
A full pawn error by White as he misses the double attack by the knight. (-.4).

15. Qb1?      ........
A blunder that loses a piece and position (-4.7). Yes, White blundered, but it is the developed Black pieces that allow the blunder to be taken advantage of. It is the norm rather than the exception - where solid chess moves eventually pay dividends.

15. .......       Nxd2
16. Nxd2     Rxe1+
17. Qxe1      Qxe1+
18. Rxe1      Nxd3
19. Re7        c6

Lesson: Develop your pieces and forego the early one or two piece attack. Get your entire army mobilized first. 

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