Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Monday 052316 was an Exciting Night at LCCC

Luigi and Americo Milani - win bling at a K-12 tournament.
The LCCC tournament was over and it was just a scheduled casual night of chess on the Monday prior to the Memorial weekend.

But...... BAM!......we had a big crowd of 16 players on the first actually warm Monday night of 2016.

We welcomed three new players to LCCC this evening. A big welcome to Brian G, Luke G and Alan M. Great to have you at here guys.

We also had two players that have been away stop by. First of all - Zade K was home for a visit from West Point. He was part of the Armed Forces chess team that played a 'friendly' match against a military team from Canada. The USA did win the match!

The other guy returning to the Club is Jason M. He left the USA for a long work assignment in Australia in software engineering. But the assignment is over and he is back. As the highest rated player in the Club, Jason jumped right in by going over the tournament games of some of the K-12 players of LCCC. Thanks Jason!

Now here is a game played at the club years ago by Scott M as White. It shows that the Kings Gambit is a dangerous opening for Black - even when Black correctly accepts the pawn offering at the right time.

Comments by Igor3000.

1. e4      e5
2. f4       Nc6
3. Nf3    d6
4. Nc3    Nf6
5. Bb5     ef
6. d4       Bd7
7. O-O      Ne7?
This move cramps Black. 7. .....Be7 was the correct play. White is up positionally over a pawn (+1.5).

8. Bc4      h6
9. Bxf4     Ng6
10. Bg3      Be7??
Black falls apart under the pressure (+4.3). Even the best move 10. .....Qe7 leaves Black down two pawns positionally.
11. e5       de
12. de       Bc5+
13. Kh1     Ng4
Even 13. .....Nh5 doesn't help. 14. Bxf7+!

14. Ng5     Qxg5
15. Bxf7+     Kd8
16. Ne4       Qe7
17. Bxg6      Ne3
A helpless try to alter the game might have been 17. ....Nxe5 18. Nxc5, Qxc5 19. Qh5.

18. Qd3       Nxf1
19. Rxf1      Kc8
20. Rf7       Rf8
21. Rxe7     Resigns

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