Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Ten Players Make the First Round of LCCC for 2016

Chess is fun for everyone!

We had a very nice turnout for the first (and cold) night of 2016 at LCCC.

Casual chess was played, some openings reviewed and some small lessons given. It was a nice night of friendly chess.

We will still have casual chess available, but “serious” league chess is happening next week Monday. Here are the pairings:

Owls vs Flyers
Mike N (W) – Vince V (B)
Don J (B) – John R (W)
Jay S (W) – Dan W (B)

49’ers vs Thunder
Ken T (W) – Gene M (B)
Paul M (B) – Luke S (W)
Tom H (W) – Zach R (B)

Bye – The Tigers – Tim R, Nick D and Sam T

Come on by to play some casual chess or watch the great league games.
Black to move......and stay even!

Now a puzzle for you, but a tough one.

Black to move!

Notice I did not say ‘Black to win’. There is no ‘crusher’ move to find – only a ‘keep the game even’ move.

Any move but the correct one will start Black down a slippery slope as White will gain a (+.4) advantage.

The correct move holds White’s advantage to a tiny (+.1). I will even assist you by making this multiple choice.

Here are the choices. Answer to be placed in the Comment section if requested.

A)    Bh6
B)     Nxf3+
C)    Qe7
D)    Ng4

Pick the best one.

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