Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year! Celebrate by Playing in the Michigan Class Championship!

Tournament action at LCCC.
Happy New Year to all chess players everywhere! After all, this blog and the great game of chess - is internationally loved.

Attention all LCCC'ers! Please try and make the 2016 Michigan Class Championship - held in Lansing, Michigan at the Radisson Hotel on January 16 and 17, 2016. 5 rounds of great chess action.

There is the regular 2-day event for Master/Experts, A (1999-1800 rating), B (1799 - 1600 rating), C (1599 - 1400), D (1399 - 1200) and E (1199 and under) players.

There is also a - Saturday ONLY! - or a Sunday ONLY!  - for under 1000 or unrated (new or beginner) players!

In other words - something for everyone, no matter what your playing strength is.

Please go to the Michigan Chess Calendar link on this site, move to the January 2016 page and click on this tournament's link for full information for the cost, the rounds, the time limits, the lodging options and all the other information you will need.

It's great fun to be at a tournament with all your other chess friends from the club.

When you register, be sure you tell the tournament director you are a member of the Livingston County Chess Club. The TD's will make every effort not to pair you with a member of our club. And there is a prize to the club who's top 4 players score the most points!

Hope to see you there!

Events Scheduled at LCCC for next year are:
Jan - League continues
February - Club Championship (may be rated with a small fee and open to any registered chess players)
April - Action Tournament (maybe fee, rated, open)
May - Speed Tournament (maybe fee, rated, open)
June - 960 Tournament (maybe fee, open)
September - League (maybe fee, open, rated)

And they say it is hard to find chess games. No it is not at LCCC!
White to move!

Now for a puzzle.

White to move.

Find the best move.

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