Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Round Five of LCCC League 2015 Almost Complete

We had one match that could not be played due to work. Sometimes work gets in the way of life. I hate when that happens.
But we still had one match decided regardless.
The Thunder clinched a team win with a 2.5 - .5 victory over the Flyers. Congratulations to Luke S and Zack R on their wins. Gene M and Vince V agreed to a draw.

The match between the Tigers and the Owls has the Tigers up 1.5 - .5 as Sam T won and Nick D and Don J drew. The make up match on Thursday at Teekos between Tim R and Mike N will decide that one. Stay tuned.

White to make move #13.
Now here is a 10-minute game your humble scribe played on line with Black. We pick the game up at an even point. 

13. Be3      c6
14. c4         a6
Igor3000 says my moves are too slow as 13. ......a5 and then a4 - or - at least 14. .......Qc7 were better ideas for a small advantage. But now the game tips in White's favor after his next move (+.6).

15. Ng5         b5
16. Qd3?!      Nf8!
17. Qf5          f6
Now it was apparently White's turn to drift. I have a (-.5) after 18. Ne4, bxc4.
The reason I am even printing this game is because at this point, Igor3000 finds this exact position in a grandmaster game! And he says that our moves thru #17 was the last "book" move. Obviously not in the same move order, but still incredibly, my opponent and I got in the same position as two grandmasters did - and in a 10 minute game by two rank amateurs!
But because I am not a grandmaster, I quickly stop making grandmaster moves as my clock winds down. As a matter of fact, I flat out blunder.

18. Ne6        Qe8
19. Nd4        bxc
20. Qf3?       d5
21. Nf5         Rb8?
My plan was to start a counter attack on the Queenside (-.6). But Igor3000 says I do better (-1) with 21......Ng6, eyeing the e5 post for the knight. Sure, easy to see now.

22. h5          Qb7
23. Bd4       Ne6
24. Qg4       Bf8??
An incredibly silly blunder (+1). With the clock getting shorter, I made a reflex move. But, 24. .....Kf8 25. Rhe1, Bb4  26. Re3, Nxd4 27. Qxd4, h6  28. Rxe8, Rxe8  29. c3, Re4 and I stay winning (-.6).

25. Bxf6       c5
26. Rhe1       d4?
Wrong again (+2). Unbelievably 24. ....c3 was correct to wreck White King's castle - one way or another - for counter play.
Lesson: Look for counter play plans when losing and not just defense.
27. b3          Qd7
28. Bxg7      Bxg7
29. h6          Rb7??
The fatal error. 29. ....Qc7 keeps up the fight. 30. Re4, cb 31. axb, Kh8 32. Rde1, Bf6 33. hxg7, Qf6 34. Nd6, Re7 35. Nxc4, Qxg7.

30. hxg7      Nxg7
31. Qxg7+    Qxg7
32. Rxe8+    Resigns

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