Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week 2 of the LCCC 2015 League – Great Games Played

Past LCCC Tournament Action
Nineteen players were at the club for the 2nd round action in the 2015 LCCC League.
The action was exciting with a lot of close and good games.
Of the nineteen players, eleven were there for casual chess! With that many people looking for opponents, you know you can stop by the club any Monday and find a game. Come on by!

The 49’ers took over sole possession of 1st place with a 2.5 - .5 victory over The Thunder.
Congratulations to Ken T and Tom H on their victories.

In the other match The Flyers and the Owls are tied 1 – 1 with one game left to play. Congratulations to Jay S and Vince V on their victories. That will leave the match up to the game between Don J (Owls) (W) vs John R (Flyers) (B).

You will get the results when your humble scribe does.

Next round is November 2 and the matchups are:

Flyers vs Tigers
49’ers vs Owls
The Thunder has a bye.

The lineups and assigned colors to follow next week.

Position after Black's last move 14. .....O-O-O
Here is a game from tonight’s action. It was Paul M (49’ers) (W) vs Luke S (Thunder) (B).

It has been a well played opening and pretty much an even game to this point. But White's next move is a little over aggressive (-.3).
There must be a fight brewing because Black's next move was also over aggressive, 15. ....Nd7 puts White's dark squared bishop in a bad way. Instead (-.1). Still about even.
15. a4                    Ng4
16. Bxg4               hxg4
17. Kg2?               f6
First real error of the game. White needed 17. exd (-1.3).
18. Bd4                 f5?
Black attacks on the wrong wing. 18. ....c5 forces White to find 19. b5 or lose a bishop to 19. Be3, d4 20. cxd, cxd! - trapped! Instead, White is winning (+.6)
19. Bxb6               Rdh8
20. Rh1                 f4
21. f3?                   gxf3?
Both miss 21. ....Bf6! and the game would be even again. Instead (+.7) for White.
22. Nxf3                Bf6
23. e5                    Be7
24. Bf2?                g4!
White needed to play 29. g4! first! Now the game is even again.

25. Nh4                 Bxh4
26. gxh4                d4?
This allows White to attack with a tempo (extra move) (+1.1).
27. b5                    Nc5
28. bxc                  bxc?
Black missed the move that would even the game ...28. ....Nxd3! (-.2) as White keeps missing the needs Rad1 to protect the center pawn.
29. Bxd4?              Nxd3
30. a5?                   Bxh4
White thinks the a-pawn is his ticket to victory. Passed pawns must be pushed, right? But he will be lucky if he holds a draw (-2)!
31. a6                    f3+?
The drawing move! The simple 32.....Kb8 and the a-pawn will not reach Promotion Land. Then Black's king side pawns might win the game after some tightrope walking by Black.

32. Kg3                 Rh3+
33. Kxg4               R8h4+
34. Kg5                 Rh5+
35. Kf6                  Rh6+
Draw agreed.
The checks have to continue or the a-pawn queens.
An exciting finish.

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