Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ten Players on Casual Chess Monday – 102615

Chess fun at LCCC.

It was a fun night of casual chess, chess lessons, chess stories and just some socializing.

We  got to welcome four new members to LCCC. They were – in order of their arrival – Gary B, Sean H, and Roman and Dan I. Glad you joined us!

Even though next week is League Night, there will be plenty of players looking for a game who are not in the league. It is also fun to watch the League rounds and watch the action during a semi-serious chess setting. So everyone come on by.

Here is the League Line up:

49’ers vs Owls
Board 1 – (W) Ken T – (B) Mike N
Board 2 – (B) Paul M – (W) Don J
Board 3 – (W) Tom H – (B) Jay S

Flyers vs Tigers
Board 4 – (W) Vince V – (B) Tim R
Board 5 – (B) John R – (W) Nick D
Board 6 – (W) Dan W – (B) Sam T

It will be another fun night of chess!
Black to move and win!

Now a puzzle.

It sure looks like White is winning to me. White’s bishop pair has more range, and the White knights are better placed.

But….it is Black to move and win! Find the combination (more than one move needed).

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