Wednesday, October 7, 2015

2015 – 16 LCCC League Starts With a Bang!

The 2015-2016 LCCC League begins play!

It was a great start to the ‘real’ chess season (fall-winter – lol) with 15 players entering the league.
We had two new players join LCCC and the league also

Welcome Jay S and Dan W. It will also be Nick D’s first time in the LCCC league.

We delayed as long as we could and tried to find a 16th person, but we could not get there.
So we went with a Five Team -  Three Players on each format. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
But either way, great chess will be played and fun and learning will take place.

The teams are (unless the team requests a name change):
Owls  - Mike N, Don J, Jay S
Tigers – Tim R, Nick D, Sam T
Thunder – Gene M, Luke S, Zack R
49’ers – Ken T, Paul M, Tom H
Flyers – Vince V, John R, Dan W
Good luck to everyone – and enjoy the season!

The first round got underway with the Tigers beating the Thunder 2 -1.

In the other match, the 49’ers defeated the Flyers 2  – 0 with one game to play.

The Owls got a bye and will play in the next round on Monday October 19, 2015.

That night the Tigers have a bye.

The teams and the pairings for Oct 19 are:
 Thunder vs 49’ers
(W) Gene M – (B) Ken Tack
(B) Luke S – (W) Paul M
(W) Zack R – (B) Tom H

Flyers vs Owls
(W) Vince V – (B) Mike N
(B) John R – (W) Don J
(W) Dan W – (B) Jay S

Remember, the club will still meet on Oct 12 for make up games, casual chess, analysis of the tournament games played and lessons for anyone who wants them.
And on Oct. 19, even though the league will be going on, there will still be a few players milling around looking for a casual game. So always know you are welcome at LCCC!

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