Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The First LCCC Night of 2015! - LCCC Championship Date Set

We had three new players show up to make the total go to nine, on a cold snowy night.
It was a small - but enthusiastic group, led by a completely new player to chess – Otin M.

Otin has been a checkers player his whole life and now wants to try chess. Once he gets the hang of chess, he might rise thru the ranks very quickly. Did you know many checker masters have become chess masters – but no chess masters have ever become masters in checkers? Something to think about.

Also returning to LCCC were Dan C and Geoff O. Both had attended LCCC for the Seth Homa simultaneous exhibition, and decided to start the year off at LCCC. Great to see you again guys.

2015 LCCC Championship Schedule
The exciting news announced at the club last night is that the 2015 LCCC Championship will begin on January 26th at 7pm! Be there by 6:30 to guarantee a spot in this tournament. There is no entry fee and the event will be club rated. But all are welcome to join.

The time limit for the game will be Game/60 minutes each player or Game/55 minutes with a 5 second delay for each player. Games will be held every other week or every third week as the school schedules allow. It will be a four round tournament.

It will be a lot of fun and a great way to practice playing in a real chess tournament setting, without the cost or pressure. Just email the club that you want to register or be at the club by 6:30 on Monday, January 6th, 2015.

Black to move and win!
Now an interesting puzzle to tide you over until the next article. Although, this isn’t a puzzle per se.

It is an actual position in a game that was played in……1903! It was Arturo Reggio vs Jacques Mieses in the Monte Carlo Chess Championship.

This is just one of the examples of what makes chess such a great game!

Black to move and win. The material is even, but since Igor3000 says Black has a -1.5 advantage positionally, there has to be something there…..right? Find the best move for Black. Take your time on this one.

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