Tuesday, January 20, 2015

14 Players on the Week Before the Club Championship!

It was a nice night of casual chess and even some Bughouse Chess for our usual Monday Night meeting.

Casual chess night will be every other week now because:


Everyone – at all playing strengths - are welcome to join!
Free entry!

Swiss System tournament
Players listed high to low by club rating.
If you don’t have a rating, we will estimate one for you.
List is then cut in half and top of top half plays top of bottom half – and so on, for the first round.

2nd Round – the winners play, the draws play and the losers play.
Eventually, everyone finds an opponent of their own strength. Meanwhile, most players get to play a mixture of tougher and weaker opponents. It’s great practice…..and fun!

4 Rounds – Played ever other week (site scheduling allowable)
1st round January 26, 2105

Round starts at 7pm.
Registration ends at 6:45 – please try and get there by 6:30m

Time limit for each round: G/60 minutes (per player) or G/55 with 5 second delay.

This is a great opportunity to meet nice people who play chess, and to get your ‘serious’ chess on – at low pressure.
Black to move and win!

Here is an entertaining puzzle. Black to move and win!

See you next Monday Night. We open for fun at 6pm.

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