Monday, February 25, 2013

LCCC Monday Night…..a Little Light

Nine players showed tonight. It was far below our usual turnout of twenty or so. But there are a lot of school functions going on and that hurt our “younger” crowd turnout.

Quite a few casual games were played and some great chess conversation was had.

Some of the discussion centered around picking an opening repertoire. You need one that fits your chess style.

Do you like open attacking games?
Do you like closed positional games?
Do you like deep tactics and sacrificing of material for positional advantage?
Do you like to play endgames.
What part of your game is your strongest part?
What is your weakest part?
What Grandmaster thru Master games do you like the best?

Answering these questions honestly - to yourself - will help you decide what openings best suit your style.

You should learn at least two openings with the White pieces and at least one defense against e4 and one for d4 with the Black pieces.

Practice these four until you know them as well as you can and at least you won’t ambushed early by anybody. Who knows – they may even blunder early themselves!

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