Friday, February 15, 2013

LCCC League Night is This Monday

Our league night is this Monday, but that doesn’t mean it is a day of rest for everyone else. There is still the Ladder Tournament, casual games and maybe some analysis and practice.

For the league players, here are the standings

Team 4 – 20 points - Ken T, Terry G, Marcello M
Team 5 – 17 points – Mike N, Trent D, Dale
Team 1 – 16 points – Matt T, Tom H, Scott A
Team 2 – 16 points – Aaron J, Mike K, Luigi M
Team 3 – 11 points – Scott M, Jim G, Americo M
Team 6 – 10 points – Don J, Ken L, Elliot K

Here are the match pairings for Monday:

Team 1 (1st board has Black) vs Team 2
Team 3 (1st board has Black) vs Team 4
Team 5 (1st board has Black) vs Team 6

It will be a fun night!

Come on by and check us out!

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