Wednesday, February 6, 2013

LCCC Brothers Team Up for a Elementary School Team Tournament

Luigi M, Americo M, Marcello M and Luca M joined forces as a team representing their elementary school and played in a scholastic team tournament in Lansing, MI this last weekend. I will let their father, Luigi Sr., tell the tale:

We are doing well and Adriana and I are recovering from yesterdays ooh so long chess tournament.
First, thank you for your attention toward our boys and concern for teaching them the game of chess. They enjoy each time they come to play on Monday with the club. From the grown men like you, Terry, Ken, the older Mike, to the young guys like Eric and Scott and the others who's names I dont recall - but are important and kind to our boys - it's a great experience for the boys. So, thank you LCCC.  

Yesterday, the boys as a team played five rounds of chess. I had them in the order you and I had discussed..first chair was Luigi, then Americo, Marcello and last Luca.

1st round against Roeper E (a school in Bloomfield)
   Luigi-won (1-0), Americo-won (1-0), marcello-lost (0-1), luca-won (1-0) / so we scored 1 team point

2nd round against Roeper C (same school in Bloomfield -they had many teams there)
   Luigi-won (2-0), Americo-draw (1-0-1), Marcello-lost (0-2), Luca-won (2-0) / so we scored another team point (two points total so far)

3rd round against Detroit Chrysler (these guy/girls won first place as a team in K-3 and K-5) We were in 4th position going into this round as a team out of 30 teams. This third round and fourth really hurt us.
Marcello was up several pieces and came up with a draw (0-2-1), Luigi went down in like fifteen to eighteen moves (2-1), Luca was up some pieces and ended up losing (2-1). Americo won (2-0-1) / so we scored 1.5 need 2.5 or more points to score a team point -were still at 2 team pts.

4th round against Clio Carter, not sure where these guys are from..I assume Clio, Mi? This was another one where I think Marcello lost his grove - he was ahead but just could not hang on. Luigi played ok but, again just dizzed out and lost.
Luigi-lost (2-2), Americo-draw (2-0-2), Marcello-lost (0-3-1), Luca-won (3-1) / so we scored 1.5 pts. (still at 2pts as a team)

5th round against EGR Lakeside Janes (not sure where this team is from but, I felt bad for them..all four of their players were not on their game)

Luigi-won (3-2), Americo-won (3-0-2), Marcello-won (1-3-1), luca-won (4-1). / so we scored 1 team point to bring us to 3pts total, not good enough for any team honor.

They gave out honors for those that scored 4 or 5 individual points. Because Americo's two draws added up to a point - he scored 4 points individually. Luca scored 4 points -- So they haded out silver medals to those kids that had 4 points and gold  to those that scored 5 points.

All in all ..I just asked the boys if they enjoyed themselves and they all said they "loved it and thanks for calling to check on them during their games". 

Again, thank you for the attetion to our boys and for the guys at the club they enjoy playing with.
 God Bless,
Luigi and Adriana - end

Thank you and your wonderful family for representing LCCC and chess so well!

Congratulations to our LCCC warriors who were an impressive (11-6-3)!!

Our trainers Terry, Ken, Scott, Aaron and Jason should also take a bow!


  1. Very nice article on the junior players. - JM

  2. Nice article! Kudos to LCCC.