Sunday, January 27, 2013

Four LCCC Members Play in the Canton Quads

Americo, Luigi, Luca and Marcello Milani played in the Canton Quads today.
It was their first time in a rated tournament and I get the feeling it will not be their last! This reporter was told that they had a great time and cannot wait for the next one on February 24.
Since these are all brothers and all members of LCCC, the Tournament Director did put them each is different quads. That was great. However, he put the younger brothers – Luca and Marcello in the higher rated quads!

It was a tough break for Luca, who had to face some pretty tough competition. But it will help him in the long run. You always learn a lot more from playing better players. 

Marcello, paired in the next too high section, still managed to win his 2nd round game. Congratulations on your 1st tournament win!

Americo lost the first round and then won the next two! Way to come back!

And Luigi, well he won his quad going 3 – 0! Nice job Luigi!

In the Monday article, their new ratings will be posted.
The Milani family represented LCCC proudly today! See you all Monday!

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