Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Casual (0213) Night Before the League Night at LCCC

The players trickled in and we did get to fifteen players on the night prior to our big league night.
But once they arrived, the pieces started flying and a lot of chess was played and reviewed.

The Ladder Tournament action continued to be exciting.
Tim P jumped up quite a few spots and actually is in range of the top rung! Congratulations to Tim.

Zach R moved up with a win also and Don J held on to his rung with a victory.

With the Michigan Class Championships this weekend, and our LCCC League night next week, many players were trying to sharpen their games before all these future battles.

Terry G was over there helping the youngsters with some advice, while Scott M went over some openings with yours truly! Then we all reviewed an interesting game played by Ken T, just to help with our tactics strategies. It was well worth it!

Stay tuned for first hand reporting of the day by day action by the LCCC team at the Class Championships in Lansing. It looks like Team LCCC will have five or six players, but it could be more!

See this tournament listing posted a few articles back and come on out – if not to play – to root the LCCC warriors on!

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