Thursday, October 11, 2012

LCCC has 21 Players Last Monday

LCCC President Aaron J gives us a report:

“We had a total attendance of 21 people last Monday  with what looked to me like a record number in the under 15 yr old crowd.

Levi and Julia made their second visit with their father Mike, Elliot and his father Dale, the four M. boys were in attendance with both of their parents, and two other boys who were friends of the M. family.

The others in attendance were myself and Scott, Don, Ken Tack, Vince, Terry, and a visitor, that I hope we captured his contact information.

We were in the Senior Center lounge room this week, which worked out alright. No need to set up tables, and easy access to the coffee machines!
Scott M. and I joined the younger players to give some advice and play a few games. I went over some basic checkmates with Marcelo and Levi, first Q and K vs K, then R and K vs K, with special emphasis on making sure you don't stalemate your opponent! By the time we finished Levi had managed to checkmate me with both combinations of pieces.
A fun Columbus day was had by all!

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