Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sixteen Players this Monday! Nice Crowd for a Spring Night.

Chess lessons were given, chess games were played, stories were swapped, pretzels were eaten and laughs were had. Just another fun night at the LCCC!

We welcomed Arnold H. to our new facility. He was a Brighton Barnes and Noble regular and now is with us here at the Hartland Senior Center – Room

Just a reminder to everyone; check out the links we have posted on the right side of the blog!

New ones are being added all the time as they are found – and then found to be worthy to be – and placed on the site lists.

We have recently added:
West Michigan Chess
Holland Chess Club
Port Huron Chess Club
110 Best Chess Moves Ever Played!
Chessville – Beginners
Chess Friends
Chess World Correspondence
Red Hot Pawn Correspondence
Instant Chess

If you know of or find a chess site you think might be “LCCC worthy,” email the link to lcchess at yahoo dot com and it will be considered.

Until then, be sure to castle early and ignore those poisoned pawns!

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