Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chess Beginners: Help Links from LCCC

LCCC has another fun Monday night of chess as nine players arrived to mix it up over the board.

As LCCC expands, we realize that chess…..is hard! But that does not mean it cannot be fun!

Everyone wants to improve at chess, and that takes time. The trick is to enjoy the journey, and not worry about the destination. Besides, by the time you get to where you want to be, in chess, you can always go farther.

So be sure to enjoy the trip. Here are some chess sites to use as a “travel guide”.

Chess is Fun – by John Edwards. Google search it - and it will come up as a Princeton edu site to click on. A comprehensive introduction to chess!

Chessvariants dot org – A nicely designed page explaining the rules of chess.

Chesskit dot com – One of the most complete and fully instructional sites around.

Chesscorner dot com/tutorial/learn.htm – Tutorials from basic to intermediate.

Anyway, LCCC is here for all that want to learn this great game!

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