Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LCCC Continues to Grow! New Record for Attendance Set!

We were visited by eighteen players on a cloudy and windy night. Not a bad start to the spring season.

We would like to welcome Luigi and Adriana and their four sons, Americo, Luigi, Luca and Marcello to our club!

And Trent brought his daughter who also played tonight, and this writer apologizes for not getting that young lady’s name. That will be corrected next post.

The LCCC Team not only welcomes you with open arms, but will guide these young chess minds into strong players in no time.

And a reminder - this blog has a “Chess Beginner’s Corner” down on the right hand side, to assist new players in their efforts to enjoy the world’s best game.

This blog also features where you can play chess on line for free, where you can join internet chess clubs and where to find the finest chess supplies at the best prices.

Fred Lindsay's Chess Supplies can offer personal assistance in selecting the right equipment and best chess books for beginner.

We are open to the public and look forward to seeing more new faces next week!

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