Monday, October 1, 2018

October Means Chess Season - and a Nice Win by an LCCC'er

As the weather takes away some outside sports, it allows time for some indoor competitions. Chess gives you all the drama and excitement that any other sport gives you - without the noise!

The Chess Club is open every Monday night from 6pm to at least 8:30pm, on every day that school is in session.

Stop by for casual play or free lessons if that is what you are looking for.

Now for a blitz game played on line by one of LCCC's best players. It is a fine attacking game and shows how being able to see small errors in positional play by your opponent sets up attacking and tactical chances.

With the help of Igor3000, your humble scribe will attempt to break it down for you (us). Our man Jason M is playing the White pieces.

1. c4           e5
2. Nc3        Nf6
3. e4           Bc5
4. Nf3        d6
5. d4          exd4
6. Nxd4      O-O
7. Be2        Nc6
Igor3000 says the game is EVEN here.

8. Be3              Bxd4
9. Bxd4            Nxd4
10. Qxd4          Be6

The villain's first little mis-step. The game is played in the center and this cramps Black in that area. Igor suggests 10. ….Re8 to build strength down the middle. (+.5).

11. O-O           Nd7
Again 11. ….Rd8 or Qe7 is called for here. Jason jumps on the opportunity to seize center control.

12. f4              Nc5?
The first real blunder for Black. Sure Black needs to give his bishop an escape square, but he also need to start challenging White's grip on the center with 12. …...f6. Black probably did not want to disrupt the pawn structure in front of his King, but the alternative plan moves his pieces away from his King. Jason notices that shortcoming nicely. (+1.8)

13. f5?!          ……
Not the best move, but remember this is a blitz game. High rated players but still a blitz game. 13. b4 advances White's queen side at Black's expense as the knight is chased. 13. ….Na6 14. f5, Nxb4 15. fxe6, fxe6 16. Rxf8+

13. ……         Bd7
14. f6             g6?!
As time dwindle in this blitz game, the errors multiply as Black tries to defend a worsening position.

15. Rad1         Kh8?
16. e5             Ne6
17. Qd2          Bc6
18. Qh6          Qe8??
19. Rd4!!       Rg8
20. Qxh7+     Resigns

A very exciting finish!

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  1. Saying 13. f5?! is a little harsh. Stockfish gives 13. b4 as +2.58 and 13. f5 as +2.16, so I think it's not so bad ;-) After 14. g6?! I knew there was no rush, but 15. Rad1 was too pedestrian. My idea was to also create tactics on the d-file with e5 at some point. If black captures dxe5 then, b4 would win a piece. However, I should have headed for h6 immediately with 15. Qd2. 16. .. Ne6 makes things worse. After 18. Qh6 it's lights-out.