Thursday, October 18, 2018

Monday Night is Chess Night! 101518

Of course every night should be chess night!

Another fun night of chess and game reviews. Studying your games - especially your losses - with other players really helps you improve. We do an awful lot of that at LCCC.

Here is an entertaining game played by a LCCC'er for you to follow along on:

Position after Black's 21st move   21......... cxd5

The game is even to this point. This is a complex position with strengths and weaknesses on both sides. Who's position will crack first?

22.  Qf2          Nce4!
Black sets a trap that your humble scribe probably would have fell for. For if 23. fxe4, Ng4  24. Qd2, Rxe4  25. Nb5, Nxe3 and Black is up a pawn.

23. Qc2          Nc3
24. Bf2?         ...........
White cracks first. 24. Nb5 opening some space and counter-play was the correct line. Black is up over a pawn positionally (-1.3) according to Igor3000.

24. .......          Bh6
25. g3             dxc4
26. bxc4?        .........
White missed a chance to wake his sleeping bishop with 26. Bxc4. Black's lead widens to (-1.7).

26. .....           Nd7
27. Bh3         f5
28. Nb5         Nxb5
29. axb5        Nc5
30. Rxe8       Rxe8
31. Bg2         a4
32. Rd1         a3
33. Qd2?       .........
Another mis-step in an interesting position. Both sides have doubled passed pawns. However Black's are more advanced and therefore more dangerous. White had to stop their advance with 33. Qa2 before proceeding with any offense. Black is ahead (-3.3), which is definitely a winning margin.

33. ......           b3!
Passed pawns MUST be pushed!

34. Qb4           a2
35. Bxc5         Qxc5 !
The death sentence for White! Black's lead zooms to (-4.4). Sacrificing his Queen, but will get a new one shortly.

36.  Qxc5        b2
37.  Qf2           b1 = Q
38.  Qf1           Qxd1 !!
39.  Qxd1        Ra8
40.   c5            a1 = Q
White playing 40. Qa1 fails because of 40. ..... Bg7!

41. Qxa1         Rxa1
42.  Kf2           Bxf4
   White  resigns

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