Saturday, July 14, 2018

Kids Night 070918 was a Fun Night - and an Expert's Game

Kid's night was a fun night of chess with 14 players in attendance on a very hot night outside. But it was cool in the LCCC chess club.

Stop by for the chess action this summer.

Here is a a tactics filled Expert level game played at a 5 minute time limit and submitted by our hero - playing White - Jason Morris.

1. e4            c5
2. Nf3          d6
3. Bb5+       Nd7
4. O-O         e6
5. d4            cxd4
6. Nxd4        a6
7. Bd3           Ngf6
8. c4             Be7
9. Nc3           Qc7
10. Qe2         O-O
11. Kh1          b6
Here is the first little mis-step by Black. 11. ...Ne5 12. f4, Nxd3 13. Qxd3, Nd7 was slightly better. Black is now a little cramped.

12. f4            Bb7
13. f5            Nc5
14. Bg5?!      .......
Not the best, but this is a speed game remember? 14. fxe6, fxe6 15. Bc2 was better as Black will now equalize.

14. .......          e5
15. Bxf6         Bxf6
The game is positionally even here at the diagram below:

16. Nc2          Bc6
17. Ne3          Qb7
18. Ncd5        Bxd5
19. Nxd5        Nxd3?
Better was 19. ....Nd7 with only a half-point disadvantage instead of the (+1.1) lead for White.

20. Qxd3        Kh8??
Black crumbles in time pressure - needing 20. Rfc8. White has a commanding (+3.4) advantage.

21. Rf3 ?        Rad8?
Again, this is a speed game. If White played 21. Nxf6 it was over. Black, given life, needed 21. ...Bg5. Still, White's advantage has shrunk to only (+1.8). But another blunder by Black ends the game quickly.

22. Rh3           Rg8??
23. Rxh7+ !!     Kxh7
24. Qh3+          Bh4
25. Qxh4 mate  

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