Monday, July 2, 2018

Chess Club Still Open During the 2018 Summer

It may be hot outside, but it is air conditioned in the Chess Club. The only thing hot in the chess action.

We are still open Mondays 6 to 9pm. And Kid's Night is next week. The following week, our speed tournament starts! So be sure to stop by.

Now here is an entertaining game played by two members of a chess club in the United Kingdom.

Opening: B40 - Sicilian Defense

1. e4             c5
2. Nf3           e6
3. c3             d5
4. e5             d4
5. cxd4         cxd4
6. Bb5+        Bd7
7. Nxd4        Bxb5
8. Nxb5        Nc6
9. O-O          a6
10. N5c3      Nge7
11. Re1        Ng6
This was the last "book" move. These UK players take the chess opening books seriously I guess.

12. Na3 !?        Bxa3
13. bxa3           O-O
14. Rb1            b5
15. Qh5 !?       Qd3

With two less than stellar moves out of the last four by White, Black had 15. ….Nf4 16. Qf3, Nd3 17. Re3, Ncxe5 18. Qg3 and Black would have a pawn lead (-1.1), instead of just a near half pawn (-.4).

16. Rb3          …….
Better was 16. Bb2.

16. …….         Nd4
17. Rb2           Rac8
18. h4?           ……..
White's first real blunder as it weakens the king-side. 18. Re3, Qc4 19. Rb1 was better. Black is up (-1.8).

18. ……         Nc2
19. Rf1           Rc4
20. g3??         …….
White falls apart (-3). 20. Qe2, Qxe2 21. Nxe2, Nxe5 was better.

20. …….        Nd4
21. Kg2          Nf5
22. Qe2??      ………
The final nail but there is not much anyway.

23. Kh1         Qf5
24. Kh2         Nf3+
25. Kg2         Ngh4+!
26. Kh1         Qh3#

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