Sunday, May 21, 2017

LCCC 051517 Casual Chess - and a GM Pavel Blatney Game

GM Pavel Blatny (left) in tournament action.
Here is a nice win with Black by Czech GM Pavel Blatny.
B00: Queen's Fianchetto Defense or Nimzowitsch Defense

1. e4             b6
2. d4             Bb7
3. Bd3          g6
4. f4?!          f5
White is a litte too aggressive here. White's positional advantage dropped from (+1) to (+.3).

5. Qe2          fxe4
6. Bxe4        Bxe4
7. Qxe4        Nc6
8. Nf3          Nf6
9. Qd3         Bg7
10. Ne5       O-O
11. Nxc6     dxc6
White is starting lose the thread of the game. The old chess mantra "to take is a mistake" is in play here. 11. Nc3 kept the game even. (-.3)

12. O-O       Qd7
13. c3           c5
14. Qc4+      Nd5
15. dxc5       e5
16. fxe5?      Rxf1+
These trades are hurting White. Playing a higher rated player, as White is, sometimes makes you think that 'simplifying by trading' is a good strategy. It rarely is as opening lines or plunging into an endgame without a good plan against a better player is the road to a quick loss (-.7).
17. Qxf1       Rf8
18. Qe2         Qe7
19. Nd2        .........
Tempting is 19. cxb6, Bxe5 20. bxa7?? but this contains a lethal dose of poison with, 20. .....Bd4+ 21. cxd4, Qxe2 and White is toast.
19. .........      Bxe5?
Even grandmasters mess up as this turns the game back to EVEN!. To hold the (-.7) advantage what was required was 19. .....Qxc5 20. Kh1, Rf2.

20. Qc4??     Bd4+!!
White makes a fatal error just when he was given a draw chance. King safety was needed with the hard to see, but subtle 20. Kh1, bxc5 21. Nf3, Bf6 22. Qxc7, Nxe7 =

21. cxd4        Qe3
22. Kh1        Qe1+
23. Qf1         Rxf1+
24. Nxf1       Qxf1#

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