Thursday, May 11, 2017

1st LCCC Kids Night was a Success!

We would like to thank the players and parents that showed up this Monday Night!

Welcome Chiloe, Ethan, Brendan, Gregory and Therin to the LCCC!
And current club kids; Luca, Marcello, Drake, and Ethan - thanks for being here.

But we also need to thank all the organizations and parents that 'spread the message' about the event. Without the gorilla marketing of volunteers, we never would of got the word out about this fun event.

Hopefully the attendance will double for the next event. But remember the Club is open for chess every Monday - so stop on in.

We had sixteen players total for the event. Casual games were played and some private tutoring was given.

We had a lecture planned, but the teacher (me) was sick with the flu and was not able to give it on this night. Next Kid's Night on June 12th, we will have that lecture then.

In the meantime, here is a game played by Jason, our resident Expert. It is a victory by Jason over a Master, played over the internet.

1. e4              e6
2. d4              d5
3. Nc3            Bb4
4. Nge2          dxe4
5. a3               Bxc3+
6. Nxc3          f5
7. Be3            Nf6
8. f3               exf3
9. gxf3           b6
10. Qd2          Bb7
White to move after 10. ...... Bb7

The game is even at this point according to Igor3000.

11. Be2           O-O
12. O-O-O      Nd5
13. Nxd5        Bxd5
14. c4             Bb7
15. Rhg1        Nc6
16. Qc3          Qe7?
Black makes the first error as 16. ....Rf7 was needed to stay even. (+1.4)

17. d5             exd5?
Errors usually come in bunches as lesser moves are made to fix the earlier mistake. The ugly 17. ..... Ng8 keeps the game where it was instead of increasing White's lead to (+2.3).

18. cxd5         Ne5
19. Bd4          Rae8??
This error loses by force. 19. ......Ng6 was the only move to hold. (+4.3)

20. f4?            Ng6
White misses 20. Bb5! winning material by 20. .....Ng6 21. Rde1, Qd8 22. Bxe8, Rxe8 winning the exchange.

21. Bc4          Kh8??
The final error.

22. d6!           cxd6
23. Rxg6!      hxg6
24. Qh3+       Qh4
25. Qxh4 mate

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