Saturday, April 22, 2017

Casual Chess Night at LCCC on 041717

Another fun night of chess at LCCC.

But our big announcement is that of a Kid's Night at LCCC starting on Monday May 8, 2017.
We will run Kid's Night every second Monday of every month.
The details will be posted on this site soon, but if you would like details sooner, please write the Club at our email address found in the header of this blog.

Here is a tournament game from the old Detroit area Metro League - Royal Oak Chess Club vs Oak Park Chess Club, played in the 1960's. Gruenfeld Defense

1. d4          Nf6
2. c4          g6
3. Nc3       d5
4. cxd5      Nxd5
5. e4          Nxc3
6. bc          Bg7
7. Bc4       c5
8. Ne2       Nc6
9. Be3       Qa5
10. O-O      O-O
11. dxc5      Bxc3
12. Nxc3     Qxc3
13. Rc1       Qf6
14. f4          Be6
15. Qe2       Bxc4
16. Qxc4     ...........

Although there have been some opening errors made by both players, the game is dead even at this point.
White's lead in space and development compensates for his two isolated pawns.
This position screams for Black to take the open file with Rd8, but instead he falls behind in counter play chances.

16. .......        e6
17. Rb1        Rb8
18. Rfd1       Rfd8
19. Rd6        Qe7
20. Rbd1      Qe8?
Better was Qh4 or Re1. It would probably be missed by the average player, but Black has relinquished control of the dark squares around his king. According to Igor3000, White has a simple plan of Qc3 - f5 - Bh6 and Black has defensive issues. (+.8).
White tries a different plan that is not near as good. In fact, it's bad (-.4).
21. Qb5        Qe7
22. Kh1         Kg7
23. Rxd8        Rxd8
24. Qb2+?      ..........
Black can trade queens here with Qf6 as 25. e5 is met with Rxe1+. After the trade of queens and rooks, White would still have weak pawns on the queen side (-.8). Black throws away his chance for a victory (+.3).

24. ........         f6?
25. Rxd8        Nxd8
26. Kg1         Nc6
The game is back to even.

27. Kf2         Qc7
28. Kf3          e5
29. Qb3?       .........
Black pounces on this opportunity to take the lead.

29. .........       ef
30. Bxf4        Nd5+
31. Ke3          Nxb3
32. Bxc7        Nxc5

Black is up only (-.8) due to an open board with a bishop vs knight endgame. The bishop is a little better in this situation. With both players in time pressure, a draw was agreed to.

A spirited game.

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  1. WOW! this has been a challenging and difficult game. The moves are really complex yet interesting. I am learning the game of chess and techniques so that would be helpful.