Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Monday 121216 Snowed Out - Tourney Continues Next Week 121916

James Dean knew that chess is always cool.

Well, the weather closed the schools - which in turn closed our club meeting place. Such is winter in Michigan.

But we will press on next week with some hot tournament action and the usual casual games and lessons for beginners ......if you want them.

Here is an on-line Chess 960 game picked up after the castling options have been exhausted. White holds a slight lead according to Igor3000 of almost a full pawn (+.9).

But Black quickly more than  doubles White's advantage by not seeing a standard chess 'problem' of having an enemy rook x-raying your King thru a single pawn.

If you can't get your king out of the way (Black doesn't) then you better not "tax" that pawn with the added burden of protecting another pawn or square also (Black does) (+2.6). Ouch!

White to make move #15 (board correct but reversed)

15. axb3        f6?
16. e5!          dxe5
17. dxe5       Nd7
18. exf6        exf6
19. Bxf6       Nxf6
20. Rxf6       Rf7
21. Qg6        Qe5
Black has been able to fight back some as White wasted time not getting his other rook in the game (+1.3).

22. Rcf1        Rcc7
23. Qh6+       Kg8
24. Rg6+       Rg7
25. Rff6         Qe1+??
Black has been playing good defense until this move. He must of simply got tired of being the punching bag and decided to strike back. The only problem is that more defense with 25. ......Rcf7 was required as it challenges White's pressure.
This move for Black falls under the Bad Move category of "Worthless Checks". Black forces White to protect his king - not only stopping any later counter-play chances for himself, but leaving his own king less guarded (+9).

26. Bf1       Qe3+
27. Kg2      Qd2+
28. Rf2       Qd5+
29. Kg1      ........
Now Black has nothing.

29. .......       b5
30. Rd6       Nf7
31. Rxd5     Nxh6
32. Rd8+     Kh7
33. Bd3+     Rg6
34. Rf6        Rcg7?
The best was 34. .....Ng4 ...played now.

35. Rdd6       Ng4
36. Bxg6+     Black Resigns

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