Tuesday, December 6, 2016

2016 Action Tourney Continues - and an Action Game

Chess study is not only good for you .......but fun! (He is actually happy! Honest)
The Club hosted some hot tournament action on a cold Monday evening.

Here is a game for your viewing pleasure. It's a wild affair where things turn around quickly. Its a lesson in the fact that sometimes a safely castled king is more valuable than a pot of material.

1. e4          c5
2. Nf3        Nc6
3. c3          Nf6
4. e5          Nd5
5. d4          cxd4
6. cxd4      d6
7. Nc3       Nxc3
8. bxc3      Bg4
9. Bb5       Qa5
White to make move #10

(diagram 1)

The game at this point is fairly even with - according to Igor3000 - White holding a (+.4) of a pawn lead. 10. Qb3 holds this advantage, but both players appear to be in a 'battling' mood in this game. White's next move makes the game even with proper play by Black.

10. Qa4       Qxc3?
White grabs - again according to Igor3000 - a (+2.4) pawn lead. But we humans do not calculate 2 million moves a second and see 5 variations, 17 moves deep in 2 minutes to near perfection.

Black, according to what most humans will deduce, is about to destroy any hope White has in this game.
The best move for Black at this point - believe it or not - was 10. ....Qxa4 with equality.

11. Bd2        Qxa1+
12. Ke2        Bxf3??
Another blunder, although neither player sees it as one. As a matter of fact, Black's 12th move was the move White most feared when it was played because it took even more of his army off the board. However, Igor3000 says White is now UP (+6.3) pawns despite being down all this material! Black actually needed 12. .......Qb2 to stay only (+2.4) pawns down. Amazing!
Position after Black's 13th move.

Yes, chess is amazing. That is why we love this game.

13. Kxf3      Qxh1??
 (diagram 2)

The losing move. 13. .......Qb2 was still the only hope. Even though Black would still be down (+7.4) pawns!

White is actually contemplating resigning here. But, he thinks, what the heck. The queen move to a4 was designed to win a pawn, so lets at least win that.

14. Bxc6        Kd8

Now White says to himself.....
"What is Black so afraid of? Why didn't he just take the bishop? There has to be a reason."

That gets White to start thinking.
HINT: That is usually a good idea in a chess game.

Then White sees what Igor saw all along!

15. Ba5+          b6
16. Bxb6+       axb
17. Qxa8+       Kc7
18. Qb7+         Kd8
19. Qd7#

There are a couple lessons here.
1. Make sure is king is safe (castled and away from ALL the remaining enemy forces before burying your Queen in the corner of the board.
2. Think - no matter how bad your position looks! Sometimes miracles present themselves.
3. Never give up looking for a counter strike!

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