Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Seven Players on Casual Chess Night 111416 - Action Tournament Date Decided

Magnus Carlsen is defending his World Title in New York City
It was a fun and laid back night of casual chess at LCCC.

We were hoping for an influx of new players tonight, but that did not materialize. Mr. Terry, our in house instructor, was ready and waiting. Oh well. We are here when new players want to stop by - to learn, train or play!

Players, our Action Tournament (30 minutes per player with optional 5 sec delay) will start after Thanksgiving on November 28, 2016 at around 6:30. Get to the club a 6pm to make sure you get a seat.

This is great tournament practice or a great way to get familiar with serious (semi-serious) chess. Be sure to get in the action.

Meanwhile, here is a battle from the 1998 Chicago Open between GM Gilberto Hernandez (W) and GM Nigel Davies (B) in the third round. Someone snatches a poison pawn which leads to a queen sacrifice.

Not any old queen sac where one side gets mated, but one where the game stays close to even with chances for both sides after the smoke clears. Enjoy.

Notes by GM John Fedorowicz prior to computer assistance. [Igor3000 helps with the computer analysis.]

Position after White's last move - 17. Bxc5

[The game is even at this point. Black to move.]

17. .......         dxc4!
Unexpected and powerful!

18. Rxd8       Rfxd8
19. Nd4?       .........

[Igor sees that 19. Nxc4 and White could play on after .......Bxc4 20. Bxb4, Rxb4 21. Qc7 = , instead (-.7) for Black.]

19. ........       Nxa2
20. Kb1        Nc3+
Now the Black pieces become hyperactive.

21. Ka1       Ncxe4!
22. fxe4       Nxe4
23. Qc7?      .........
[Igor3000 suggests 23. Qf3, Bd5 24. Bxa7 and Black's lead is about a pawn instead of (-2) two.

23. .......        Nxc5
24. Nc6??    ..........
What else? After 24. Nxe6, Nxe6 25. Qxc4, Rxb2 - I don't like White's survival chances.
[Igor3000 says that John's suggestion is better (-3.4) than the move played (-6.6), and White's chances are indeed bleak. But 24. Ndb5 keeps the game at a two pawn deficit for White. The end is near for White.]

24. .......       Bxb2+
25. Ka2        c3+
26. Kb1       Ne4
White resigns as the Black troops are swarming.

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  1. I like this game, it shows a mastery of midgame play where consolidating position and drawing your opponent out can overcome material deficits. An excellent pick for an entertaining game.

    Oh, one critique, shouldn't it read 19. ........ Nxa2+ since the knight move puts white in check?

    I look forward to following your blog.