Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Ken T Wins the 2016 LCCC Rapid Tournament

Ken Tack in tournament action
Congratulations to our tournament director Ken Tack on his victory in our 2016 Rapid (15 min) Tournament.

Ken went undefeated (4 - 0) to win our annual Rapid tournament over 10 other participants.
Ken won this tournament last year also! Ken also won our speed tournament!
Ken's solid and common sense chess works well in speed chess.
congratulations Ken!

2nd - 3rd place - Mike N and Vince V
4th - 7th place - Gene M, Luke S, Jason M and Larry W
8th - 10th - Paul M, Roy M and Petro K

The next tournament up on the schedule is our Action Tournament (30 min per player - 5 sec delay optional). Our tournaments are usually free, but discussions are in the works to charge and small entry fee to give away small prized and/or get the tournament rated by the United States Chess Federation.

Stay tuned for details.

GM Veselin Topalov vs GM Anatoly Karpov - White to move

In the meantime, here is a puzzle for your enjoyment.

White to move and win.

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