Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ten Players Make Casual Chess Night 110215

It was a fun night of chess. Some casual chess, some lessons, a in depth review of some unusual options in the French Defense and some friendly chat. A good evening

One league game was left to be played – and it was. Congratulations to Dan W on his win.

This gave the Flyers a 2 – 1 win over the Tigers. Here are the standing – but keep in mind - some teams have not played every round and some have not had their bye week yet.

49’ers – 6pts
Flyers – 3 pts
Tigers – 2 pts
Owls – 1 pt
Thunder 0 pts

The matches for next week are:

Owls vs Thunder
(W) Mike N – (B) Gene M
(B) Don J – (W) Luke S
(W) Jay S – (B) Zack R

Tigers vs 49’ers
(W) Tim R – (B) Ken T
(B) Nick D – (W) Paul M
(W) Sam T – Tom H

It will be another exciting night of chess action. Come on by and watch or play a casual game against others either not in the league or have the bye week.

Black to move and win!
And now, another tough puzzle:

Black to move and win.


  1. Too easy...;-)
    1. ... Rf8!
    2. Qg1 Rf1!
    3. Qxf1 Qxd4

    And black keeps his extra piece.