Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fourteen Players Make Week 4 of the 2015 League

For everyone and anyone who thinks league night is just for league players, well you could not be more wrong. We had two members available for games while the league went on, and even some chess after the league games.

Plus, watching the league action is always entertaining.

We had our first league night where all the combatants made it to the league night and this round was completed.

Lets congratulate the winners; Ken T, Mike N, Nick D, Zack R and Tom H.

Don J. and Luke S drew their game.

Now for the Match results:

The league leading 49’ers won again, beating the Tigers 2 – 1. This gives the 49’ers a BIG lead already in the league race.

The Owls and the Thunder drew their match 1.5 – 1.5.

Now the 49’ers have the bye next week (Nov 30), but they won’t be caught for the league lead….yet.

49’ers – 8 points
Flyers – 3 points
Tigers – 2 points
Owls – 2 points
Thunder – 1 point

The pairings for next week (Week 5) are:
 Tigers vs Owls
(W) Tim R vs (B) Mike N
(B) Nick D vs (W) Don J
(W) Sam T vs (B) Jay S

Flyers vs Thunder
(W) Vince V vs (B) Gene M
(B) John R vs (W) Luke S
(W) Dan W vs (B) Zach R

Bye week – 49’ers

Now for a puzzle:

White to move and win!

There is one really really good move for White!

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