Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monday 091415 Has Seven Participants - Who's Signing Up for the LCCC League?

We had seven players stop by the club tonight - according to my spies. Your humble scribe was not there because I am sick with the flu.

That was a nice turnout after being closed last week due to the Labor Day Weekend and the Michigan Open!

Reports of the tournament and games from the tournament will be forthcoming, as soon as your humble scribe is well enough to type more than six sentences.

The LCCC 2015 League will be starting in two weeks - IF we get enough people willing to commit to it. Our TD would like to see a good show of 'hands' as to who wants to play this year?

By hands would be either an email to the club email or a comment here on the blog. Either will work but we are looking for commitment from at least twelve players.

Remember, to join the League free, and it runs EVERY OTHER WEEK or third week, so it is not an every week commitment. Please let us know ASAP if you are in.

Black to move .....and stay winning!
Now a puzzle.

Black to move and win, even though that discovered check of White's looks frightening!

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