Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Monday 083115 – Different Room, Same Good Time

Seven players met tonight on the meeting before the Michigan Open. Some of us were getting a little practice before the BIG GAMES.

There is a TEAM competition at the Michigan Open and LCCC will have a presence. Currently it’s been confirmed we have 4 players signed up – which is what is needed as a minimum. We might have more enter as many players are making up their minds at the last minute. I’ve been there myself.

The Team Competition is for the top 4 scores for each club are added up to see which team played the best in the event. It’s a little tournament within the tournament – always a nice side event to follow.

Well even if you don’t enter the Michigan Open, you should stop by and check out the chess action. The tournament will be at the Causeway Bay Hotel, 6820 South Cedar St., Lansing, MI 48911. It will run from Friday evening September 4 thru Monday afternoon September 7. Stop on by.

Now Scott M - playing Black - gives us a lesson on how to punish an opponent with a ‘bad’ bishop.

White to move.
We pick it up here after a pretty even opening:

13. N4f3                b5
14. c3?                  Qb6
White's first misstep. (-1.2) Not aggressive enough. Better was 14. c4, bxc4 15. bxc4, Qb6 16. Bd4, Qa6 17. cxd5, Nxd5 18. e4, Rxe1 19. Qxc1, Rc8 (-.2).

15. e3                    Nc5
16. Ne5                 a5
17. b4!                  Nd3
White makes a comeback by getting rid of Black's well placed knight (-.4).
18. Nxd3               Bxd3
19. Bf1?                ..........
White is back down a pawn positionally (-1). Correct was 19. Nb3 and heading for c5!
19. ......                 Bxf1
20. Rxf1                a4
21. Nf3                  Ne4
22. Ne5                 Qc7
23. f4?                  Qa7?
White is trying to mix it up when he is the equivalent of a piece down with his buried bishop (-1.7). And if Black would have played 23. .....Bf6, White is stuck with doubled pawns or the loss of the c-pawn. But Black attacks the e-pawn instead (-1.3).
24. Qd4                 Rc7
25. Qxa7               Qxa7
26. Nc6                 Rc7
27. Nd4                 Rb8
28. Rfc1                Bf6
29. Re2                  Bxd4
30. cd                   Rxc1
31. Bxc1                Rc8
32. Bb2                 h5
White to move after 32. ....h5

This game is a perfect example of a "bad bishop" versus a good knight. Scott brings this slight advantage into the WIN column beautifully (-1.4).
33. Kg2                 f6
34. Kf3                  g5
35. Kg2?!               Kf7
36. Kh3?!               Kg6
37. Kg2?                g4
( -3.2) White is trying to keep the position closed for a draw. That is the wrong plan. His biggest problem is that he has no space. 37. fxg5 was needed.

38. Kf1                  Kf5
39. Kg2                 Nd6
40. Kf1                  Ke4
41. Ke1                 Nf5
42. Kd2                 Kf3
43. Kd3                 Nd6
44. Kd2                 Rc2+
45. Kxc2               Kxe2
46. Bc1                  f5
Beautiful execution of an endgame advantage by Scott M.

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