Monday, June 22, 2015

LCCC 2015 Fischer 960 Tournament Started Tonight

We had 7 players tonight and two tournament games played.

We have several entries who could not make it tonight, so they will play next week. This means it is not too late for you to get into one of the most exciting chess events we host.

Fischer Random or Chess 960 is regular chess, but with the pieces on the back rank ‘mixed up’. Positions have been randomly selected and printed. So you and your opponent ‘draw’ your board set up right before the round. The advantage of better players knowing some prepared openings is GONE! It’s fresh chess from the first move!

Come join us next week and get into the action!

Your humble scribe’s life made him too busy to prepare a game for review this week. Instead I leave you with a preview of a movie that comes out in September, 2015. We expect the LCCC to get a lot busier in September!

"Pawn Sacrifice" - the Bobby Fischer story......more or less.

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