Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2015 LCCC Speed Chess Title Winner Repeats!

Great tournament action always at LCCC. Casual chess and lessons too!

Tim Ritter wins the 5-minute chess tournament for the 2nd year in a row.
Congratulations Tim. He bested 11 players for the win.

Luke Sergott finished 2nd and Vince Valente and Mike Nikitin finished tied for 3rd- 4th.
Thanks to all who participated.

We also welcomed back Terry G to the club. Great to see you jump right back into giving lessons to our young players.

And now an Action game played a few years ago by club members.

1.       e4                         e6
2.       Bc4                       d5
3.       exd                      exd
4.       Bb3                      c5
5.       d4                         c4
6.       Ba4+                    Nd7
7.       Nf3                       Nf6
8.       O-O                      Be7
9.       c3                          O-O
10.   Re1                      Nb6
11.   Bc2                       Bg4
12.   h3                         Bh5
13.   Bf4                       Bd6
14.   Bxd6                    Qxd6
15.   Nbd2                   Rfe8
16.   Qb1                      Nbd7
17.   Ng5?                    Rxe1+
Position after Black's 17th move.
The game was even, but now time pressure starts to affects White, who feels he must do “something”. But that move was not it. 17. B3, Rxe1 18. Qxe1, Re8 19. Qf1, Qa3 20. Qc1, Qa6 – or - 17. Rxe8+, Rxe8 18. Qf1, Qa6 19. B3, Qa3 20. Qe1, Qa6  -  are both drab, but best and keep the game even.(-.7)

18.   Qxe1                   Re8
19.   Qb1                      Nf8?!
Better was 19…..Re2 20. Bxh7, Kf8 21. Nf1, Nxh7 22. Nxh7+, Kg8 – lead for Black down to
a half-pawn.(-.5)

20.   B3                         b5
21.   g4?                       Qf4
This is a game ender. 21. Ngf3 was correct, as it was time to consolidate and keep the game even. Now Black gets all kinds of play. (-2.6)

22.   Nf3                       Bxg4
23.   hxg4                    Qxg4+
24.   Rf1                       h6
25.   Nxf7?                  Qh3+
In a losing position, White mis-calculates. 25. Bf5 was best (-3). Black jumps on the opportunity, but not the best way. The simple 25…..Qxf3 is a huge advantage (-9). The text is only (-5), but does the job.

26.   Kg1                       Qxf3
27.   Ne5                      Qxc3
28.   Bg6                       Nxg6
29.   Qxg6                    Qxa1+
30.   Kg2                       Qxd4
31.   Qf7+                    Kh8
32.   Ng6+


  1. Who has time to record moves in a speed chess game?

  2. Well, someone is reading! Thanks. Post changed to "Action" - 30 min game.