Monday, February 23, 2015

Round 3 of the 2015 Club Championship – and a Game

Reviewing the game afterwards helps both players!
Twenty-one players made their way to LCCC on a very cold February evening for some hot chess action. Another fun evening with some casual chess games played also.

The winners were Tim R, Ken T, Gene M, Zach R, Americo M, Luigi M, Marcello M and Brendon M. Nice going guys.

Some games ended in draws also by Mike N-Dave S and Zade K-Vince V.

One game was postponed until later that will have a huge bearing on the pairings to decide the Club Champion!

The next and final round in the Club Championship is March 9, so open chess next week. Come on by!

And now a game between two 1500 rated players for our review and enjoyment.
1. e4     d6
2. d4     Nf6
3. Nc3     g6
4. f4     Bg4
5. Nf3     Bg7
6. h3     Bxf3
7. Qxf3     c6
White is up 1.5 pawns positionally - due to the Bishop pair, and better square possibilities for his pieces.

8. Be3     O-O
9. Bd3     Nbd7
10. e5!     dxe5
11. fxe5?     Ne8?
First if White played 11. dxe5 it would have raised White’s positional advantage to (+2) as he adds a pawn to his kingside attack. Black fails to find 11. …..Nd5 bringing the game to +1. Instead they split the difference (+1.5).

12. O-O-O     Qa5
13. Kb1     Nc7
14. Bd2     Nd5
15. Nxd5? (Ne2 was it)     Qxd5
16. Qxd5     cxd5
17. g4?!     a5
18. b3     Nb8
19. c4?     dxc4?
20. Bxc4     Nd7?
The errors are coming together. The simple 20…..Nc6 shrinks White’s advantage to (+.5). Now White’s advantage grows to (+2.4).

21. e6!     Nb6
22. exf7+     Kh8
23. Bf4?     ……..
Black to make move #23
Instead 23. Be6 cements that pawn in Black’s camp until reinforcements arrive (+3.0). Instead, the game is even again.

23. …..     Nxc4
24. bxc4     Rxf7
25. Be5     Rf2?
Black hands the lead back to White. 25…..Rc8 keeps the game even instead of (+.6) for White.

26. Bxg7     Kxg7
27. Rhe1     Kf7
28. Rf1     Rf6
29. Kc2     h5?!
30. g5?!     Rf5
31. Rxf5ch    gxf5
32. Rb1     Ra7?
Black had to let that weak pawn go and counter with pressure on the Kingside (+.8) 32…..Kg6, 33. Rxb7, Re8 34. c5, Kxg5. Instead, Black’s rook has no scope..... and no hope (+2.0).

33. Rb6     h4?
Both players are in time trouble (+2.8). This error should close out the game by the simple gxh6. But White misses that. Still, Black doesn’t have much at this point anyway.

34. d5     f4
35. Kd3     Ra8?
36. Rxb7     Rg8
37. d6        Resigns

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