Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week 120114 League Night

Fancy chess sets are fun to look at......not so good for serious play.
League Action continued with the completion of five results. The winners were Luke S, Mike N, Paul M, Ted G and there was a draw between Gene M and Tim R.

We also had two new players tonight! Brendan M and Dave M. Welcome to LCCC.

The league is heating up to a very – very close final two weeks.

The Tigers and 49’ers are tied at 1 – 1 and the Thunder is tied with the Oilers at 1.5 – 1.5.

So we will have to wait until next week to change the standings.

We still have: 

Tigers vs 49’ers
1 – W Luigi M  vs  B Americo M
2 – B Luca M  vs  W  Marcello M

Thunder vs Oilers
3 – W Zach R vs B Tom Hosmer

We also had ladder tournament action! For those of you who don’t know how the Ladder Tournament works – it’s like this:

You sign on the Ladder at the bottom. You challenge anyone present that is within 4 spots of you! If you win, you take their spot on the ladder, and your opponent only drops down one spot.

This way, you can move up the ladder while meeting and playing just about anyone in the club. Eventually, you reach a level where you are playing and challenging players near your own strength. As your skill level goes up or down, so do you – on the Ladder!

Mike N took over the top spot finally, after many – many attempts! But upsets happen – and that is the beauty of the Ladder! One win and up you go! The top spot always gets a lot of heat……but that is the fun! It creates chess games!

White to move and win.
Here is a puzzle for your enjoyment. White to play and win material ……or more!
Answer to be posted later.....by someone.....in the comments.

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  1. I am a newbie to chess and still learning the basics. its a challenge that my dad has extended to me and i wanna win this game