Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Week 5 of the LCCC League – The Grand Finale Next Week!

Aaron (left-300 Spartans) and Gus (Red Dragons) battle on board 1. 
Well we are set up for a great finish!

The Four Aces defeated the Unnamed Team 2.5 – 1.5 as a late draw on the 1st board clinched the win for the Aces.

Meanwhile, in the other match, it also came down to the last game to finish with the 300 Spartans winning 3 -1 and clinching at least a tie for the Summer League title!

As luck would have it, next week the 300 Spartans (4 points and 11 team points) play the Gamma Rays (3 points and 10 team points). If the Gamma Rays win they at least tie for the league title. And a 3 – 1 or better win gives them the title outright!

Of course the 300 Spartans only need a drawn match to win the league outright. This is very exciting stuff. Stop by LCCC next Monday to watch all the action.

Black to move. Find the best one.
In the other match next week, the Four Aces (2 points and 8 points) battle Its Your Move (2 points and 8 points) to see who finishes tied for second or finishes third in the league.

Games from Round 5 and 6 will be highlighted on this blog soon. Stay tuned.
Here is a puzzle and a tough one. Find the best move for Black.
The answer will be posted in the comment section later.

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  1. I"m pretty sure
    1. .. Rg8!! wins, for if
    2. Qxe1 then 2. ... Bxd4ch is a double-discovered check. There is only one response
    3. Kh1 but then 3. .. Rg1 is mate.