Wednesday, June 18, 2014

LCCC Chess League Concludes – 300 Spartans are the Champs!

Zach Romeos (left) and Paul Johnson take over Board One.
As it turned out, the league title did not have an exciting finish, but the battle for what they thought was for 3rd place, ended up going down to the wire AND ended up being for 2nd place! Now that was exciting.

The 300 Spartans snuffed out the Gamma Rays        3.5 - .5 in a battle for the title. So it was an undefeated summer season for the 300 Spartans. Congratulations!

This final team score tally of that match left the door open for either the Four Aces or Its Your Move to slip into second place with a commanding win in their own head to head match.

The Four Aces got it done with a 3 – 1 win over Its Your Move, with 2nd place alone being secured with a late, last game going win by Zach Romeos to push the point total to 11.

Here are the final standing for the Summer League:

1st - 300 Spartans  5 – 0……..14.5 team points

2nd - Four Aces  3 – 2……..11 team points

3rd – Gamma Rays 3 – 2……..10.5 team points

4th – Red Dragons 2 – 3……..9.5 team points

5th – Its Your Move 2 - 3……..9 team points

6th – Unnamed Team 0 – 5……..5.5 team points

Congratulations again to the 2014 Summer League Champs – 300 Spartans

Board 1 – Aaron Jagt

Board 2 – Dave Sybert

Board 3 – Sam Thompson

Board 4 – Marcello Milani

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