Tuesday, January 28, 2014

On a Very Cold Evening – LCCC Chess League (R7) was Hot!

Rabid Squirrels vs The Flames
Round 7 of the LCCC Chess League went off with only a few postponements. Only one was weather related. The rest were “life” related. It happens.

We also welcomed new club member Paul J to LCCC. He got some casual games in while League play was happening. There are always some non-league playing members milling about. Stop by – even on league nights for some chess action of your own.

One team match went to completion as the Rabid Squirrels drew with the Flames. Picking up a point in the standings will keep the Squirrels safely in 1st place for another week.

The Flames, with their point this week, are in second right now and are guaranteed to be no worse than alone in 3rd after everything is completed for round 7.

Top two boards of the Flames vs Squirrels.
The 49’ers have a 2 -1 lead on the Thunder with one match to be played.

The Tigers and Sonics are tied 1 - 1 with two rounds to be made up.

All postponed games have to be made up by next week – Feb 6 - as League Round 8 is scheduled for Monday Feb. 10.

Other club news, we will be holding a Blitz Tournament shortly. Our TD – Ken T – announced it for Feb 17. However, that is President’s Day and we may have to move it to Feb. 24 if the Senior Center is closed on the 17th. We will finalize those dates soon.

Paul J and Zack S play some casual chess during league play.
The Ladder Tournament is constantly running so be sure to sign up for that. And if you are already on the Ladder, get those challenges posted!

Other planned activities include a Summer League! Tentative start for that is May 12th. The format has yet to be decided, but we want to make it a lighter league with more emphasis on fun.

One idea is a two game match format:
Each player plays two games against the same opponent (15 or 30 minute game) alternating colors. You have to have a positive score to win the match (2 – 0 or 1.5 – 0.5).

One random round will be a 4 or 6 round Blitz match – rotating colors. You have to have a positive score to win the match there also.

Another random round will be a Chess 960 night.

The random rounds be drawn the same night the teams are determined – but not until after the teams are determined.

Also under consideration is a Club Swiss Tournament on a summer weekend. We may possibly move it outdoors to give some exposure to the club. Maybe held on the lawn of the Senior Center or in a mall parking lot near the street for visibility.

Please feed suggestions to any club officer; Mike N, Ken L, Ken T, Vince V, or Don J.

The fun continues at LCCC with open chess at Teekos Coffee on Thursday Jan. 30, and open chess back at the Hartland Senior Center next Monday Feb 3.

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