Thursday, January 16, 2014

LCCC Has a Strong Showing at the Michigan Class Championships

John Ryskamp led LCCC in victories at the Class Championships.
Four LCCC’ers ventured to Lansing, MI for this tournament. It is an annual event that will be held at the same place and the same location next year, so pencil it in as a tournament to attend.

It has everything you want as a player or a spectator. Nice hotel with discounted rooms, many restaurants close by and a well run tournament every year. Rounds start almost on time or on time.

And being a “CLASS” championship, you are bracketed into groups of players close to your own strength. This means every game is a close and exciting one. If you are a chess player, how can you miss out on this opportunity?

Paul Mills as always, was Mr. Steady
They have these sections:
Class A
Class B
Class C
Class D
Class E

No matter your playing strength, there is a section for you!

LCCC has it’s usual tournament success and plus score as a team. It was actually kind of neat that each one of us were in a different class of the tournament.

As noted in the last posting, Zack Romeos (1st tournament of his career) won the Unrated Section with 3 wins – 2 losses score!

John Ryskamp didn’t get a trophy in his class, but he did have the best score posting for LCCC with a 3 wins – 1 loss – 1 draw finish.

Paul Mills broke even with a 2 wins – 2 losses – 1 draw record.

Mike Nikitin (51st tournament of his career) also had an even score with 1 win – 1 loss and 3 draws! He calls it “Grandmaster results (lots of draws) without Grandmaster play.”

There are more tournaments scheduled and they are listed on the side of this blog. Chess tournaments are fun and most are inexpensive. Get in the game!

A reminder; LCCC is closed Monday Jan. 20 but League Night is Monday Jan. 27.

LCCC is still meeting at Teekos Coffee Shop in Howell on Thursday at 6pm.

Stop by and get your chess on!

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