Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Monday Attendance Ties Our Record!

 Twenty players were on hand Monday. It was a great turnout!

We welcomed two new players to the club;
EJ and Grant

and saw the return of one of our strongest players;
Andrew S.

It’s an exciting time at LCCC. We are growing, our website is nearing completion, and there are discussions taking place as to whether or not to join the United States Chess Federation and/or the Michigan Chess Association as a club.

Discussions are also being held as to who will be the official Tournament Directors for the LCCC. This is a huge step for the club and an awesome responsibility to undertake. Exciting stuff going on as the LCCC continues to grow.

LCCC by the numbers:

We have made the fifty (50) member mark! We have 50 names, emails and/or phone numbered members. This is great, but way short of our “stretch” goal of…let’s say….20 million members.

Ok, that might be a bit high, but you get the idea!

We have 38 active members, and another 12 that have not visited our new location as of yet.

All really this means is that every Monday night at the Hartland Senior Center, you will find friendly chess players of all ages and strengths, ready for a game with you. Stop on by.


  1. "...and saw the return of one of our strongest players; Andrew S."

    What am I? Chopped liver? ;-)

  2. You have already been to our new location. And no, you are not chopped liver. More like a spiral HAM!;-)