Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Fun Monday – LCCC by the Numbers!

Twelve players ventured out to LCCC in spite of the new cold wave. Spring is colder than the end of winter – but I digress.

We were blessed with four new players tonight!

Welcome guys to the LCCC!

This brings our club membership total to 39 players!

The number of players that have played since we moved to the Hartland Center is 21 players.

The number of players that played in the last four weeks is 18 different players.

The average number of players on any given week is 12 players.

As you can see, there is always a seat at a chess game waiting for you on Monday night at the LCCC!

Help us keep the numbers growing!

PS: At least four of our members were caught giving improvement pointers to other players! We at LCCC strive to make every member the best chess player they can be! Not only can you find a fun opponent here, but free help is always available!

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