Thursday, January 26, 2012

What is the BEST Move?

A) Rxh4
B) Rd4
C) f4

This is so tough, I will give you a multiple choice option. Find the best move! Take your time. Think it thru. Good practice is......well, good!

As usual, email me at lcchess at yahoo dot com for the solution. Please reference the date of the puzzle. Have fun!


  1. f4. Win the knight and still have time to deal with the h4 pawn.

  2. Well... 1. Rd4 is an outright blunder due to Nf3+ winning a rook
    The conservative 1. Rxh4 pockets a button, but drops material to the cunning Qf6 attacking the rook and threatening Nf3+ again, this time attacking the Qb2.
    The materialistic 1. f4 just picks off a piece. Black has no real tricks that white must avoid. Oh, maybe one... for example:

    1. f4 h3
    What else?
    2. fxe5 Qg3
    3. Qf2 h2+