Monday, January 16, 2012

Chess Club Meeting Tonight

Hi Everyone,

We will be meeting tonight from 6 - 9:45 pm at the Hartland Senior Center, just west of US-23 on M-59.

I have some good news!

Our member Ken Tack was 3-0-2 (one bye draw) this weekend in the class championships in Lansing.

"I was tied with 2 other people with a score of 4, but lost out on tiebreaker points. Officially I came in 3rd," Ken reported.

Ken did come in first in the "Under 1500" class! Congratulations Ken!

He will be sharing his games for those who would like to see them.

Congrats Ken, well done !!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight.

Ken L.


  1. Sorry guys, your humble scribe will not be there tonight.

    But get me the attendance - and Ken, get me the story of your great job this weekend! Thanks.

  2. About the header at the top of the blog:

    Saying that the club meets in a senior center makes it sound like chess players have to play in a noisy room filled with a lot of non-chessplayers engaged in other activities. It would be better to say that the chess club plays in a room NEXT TO the senior center. You should also say that new players can ask at the senior center for directions to the chess club.

    You should also mention the names of communities within a short driving distance, so if someone is doing a search for a chess club this blog will be easier to find. Something like this:

    Meeting Monday nights from 6pm to 10pm in a room located next to the Hartland Senior Center at 9525 East Highland Rd (M-59), Howell, Michigan. This is located just west of US-23, south of Flint, North of Ann Arbor. Hartland, Howell, Brighton, Milford, and Fenton are all just a few minutes away. Ask for directions to the room where the chess club meets at the desk of the senior center.

  3. Also, the header should mention that the building may be closed on major holidays or for bad weather, and that players can call the senior center at (810) 626-2135 to make sure it is open.

    1. The proper thing is for the chess club organizer to call the senior center to make sure it's open and to post that information on the website prior to the meeting. ;-)
      - JM

  4. Love your suggestions PP! I'll have to incorporate some of those for sure. Thanks.